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Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Good Transmission Maintenance

transmission maintenance seatac waIf you start the car and move the gear selector to reverse or drive and do not move,  there are possibly internal transmission problems. This particular problem may occur suddenly with no prior warning.

All unusual grinding or whirring noises when the car is in gear should be checked out by a qualified transmission shop such as ALLSTAR Transmission.

An automatic transmission is very complicated. Checking the transmission fluid level is very easy and this simple act can potentially save you needing a future major repair. Locate the transmission fluid dip stick- it is usually at the rear of the engine and looks like a smaller version of the oil dip stick.

In some newer vehicles, the transmission fluid can only be checked by lifting the car up on a hoist and opening the transmission plug- this must be done by a qualified transmission shop such as ALLSTAR as adding needed fluid requires specialized equipment.

If your dip stick is accessible, the engine should be warmed up and running in order to get an accurate reading. Add fluid if it's low and take note of the fluid color on the dip stick. If it's a transparent pink color- everything is fine. If it's rusty color, it is time for a fluid change- a service we can perform for you at ALLSTAR. If the fluid is dark in color and has a burnt smell, the transmission may be damaged. Please bring the car by and let us have a look.

If your car has a manual transmission and you have difficulty shifting gears, the transmission fluid may be low. Always make sure the clutch pedal is loose enough to push down ½ inch to one inch before the clutch engages. It's important to have the clutch adjusted if the amount of play exceeds one inch. If you neglect this minor repair you may have to replace the clutch. If you are not sure about your clutch, we will be happy to check it for you.

Whenever you suspect that your gears and transmission are not working properly, do not wait until they fail completely. Have it checked so any problems are detected early- sometimes a small issue can be resolved before it becomes a bigger concern.

You should regularly check the transmission fluid as part of transmission maintenance. Transmission fluid color will tell you a lot about the state of your transmission. As part of transmission maintenance, you should also change the transmission fluid regularly.

Ensure good transmission maintenance by:

  • Checking transmission fluid regularly
  • Changing transmission fluid regularly
  • Getting transmission service done


Stop by ALLSTAR Transmission today in the SeaTac, WA area or call us at 206-686-2883 and we will assist you with transmission maintenance for either your manual or automatic transmission.


Signs of Transmission Problems

transmission problems seatac2If you notice vibrations when your drive, your transmission may be giving out and you may end up on the side of the road- broken down unexpectedly.

A scraping, grating or growling noise from the car whenever you start to move forward or in reverse signals an transmission problem. The transmission fluid may be low or the fluid may be contaminated and needs changing. Even if you don't notice anything more than one small symptom, you should still have your transmission checked out.

We at ALLSTAR Transmission will be happy to give you our professional opinion about your problem- at no charge.

Bring your vehicle to us when:    

  • There are vibrations when you drive
  • There is a scraping, grating or growling noise from the car
  • When you do not feel the engagement of the automatic transmission


If you note any of these signs, bring your vehicle in for a check-up to try and prevent further transmission problems.


Tips to Help Extend the Life of a Manual or Automatic Transmission

manual and automatic transmission seatacKnowing how to detect transmission problems early and undertaking good transmission maintenance are just part of extending the life of a manual or automatic transmission.

There are tips that can help you to extend the life of a manual or automatic transmission.

To extend the life of a manual or automatic transmission, you should regularly have it checked and have service done so that any further problems with the transmission can be prevented.

Checking the transmission fluid of your manual or automatic transmission is a way of extending the life of a transmission.

To extend the life of a manual or automatic transmission:

  • Change the transmission fluid regularly
  • Never drive with low transmission fluid
  • Add the correct fluid


Tips for your Automatic Transmission

  • Allow your vehicle to warm up in cold weather before putting into gear
  • Always come to a complete stop when changing from reverse to drive or drive to reverse
  • Avoid rocking back and forth when you are stuck in snow or mud
  • Check your transmission fluid regularly
  • Never drive when fluid is low (below the add line) or when fluid is leaking
  • Change transmission fluid every 25,000 - 30,000 miles
  • A basic service for most vehicles will cost usually less than $150.00 and will prolong the life of your transmission and save you money in the long run
  • Install transmission cooler if pulling a trailer, camper or boat


Tips for your Manual Transmission and Differential

  • Release clutch pedal smoothly
  • Never use clutch pedal as a foot rest
  • Move gear shifter firmly into gear
  • Never drive when fluid is low
  • Always add correct fluid


Knowing your Transmission (what it is and how it works)

The transmission of your car is made up of a series of gears that control the power of the engine to your wheels. An automatic transmission shifts the gears for you according to the speed of the engine and the power required. Usually there are 3 gears, sometimes a 4th or overdrive. Automatic transmissions are extremely complex and replacing one is the most extensive car repair you may ever encounter.

With transmission service from ALLSTAR Transmission, you will receive quality work at a fair price. A manual transmission is found mostly on economy cars and sports cars. Manual transmissions are much less complex because YOU do all the work to operate them. The transmission doesn't have to figure out the right time to shift gears. Repairs on manual transmissions usually will also have to do with the clutch which temporarily disengages the transmission from the engine while you shift gears. The clutch is operated by a foot pedal and as you can imagine the clutch goes through a lot of stress- especially with inexperienced drivers. Over time the clutch wears out and will need replacement.

That's when ALLSTAR Transmission can help.

Reasons to bring your Automatic Transmission Vehicle to the Transmission Shop

  • Any fluid loss or signs of leaks
  • Harsh engagements into gear
  • Delayed engagement into gear
  • Jerky shifts in-between gears
  • Noises that change with vehicle speed
  • Excessive engine revs or noise
  • Any time your vehicle seems "just not right"


Reasons to bring your Manual Transmission Vehicle to the Transmission Shop

  • Any fluid loss or signs of leaks
  • Transmission hard to get into gear
  • Clutch pedal hard to push down
  • Excessive engine revs or noise
  • Noises that change with vehicle speed
  • Vibrations that change with vehicle speed
  • Any time your vehicle seems "just not right"




The Warranty

ALLSTAR stands behind our hassle free warranty commitment to you! If you have a problem, and your warranty is still in force, we WILL take care of the issue at no charge to you! We warranty our remanufactured transmissions and torque converters to be free of faulty workmanship or material failure for the following period of time: Passenger Cars: 5 years or 50,000 Miles Pickups, Vans, 4x4's and R.V.'s: 5 years or 50,000 Miles

Limited Warranty Agreement

ALLSTAR Transmissions is the Warrantor. This warranty is good only to the original purchaser of the repairs (name noted on the receipt) and is not transferable to subsequent owners. Materials and labor are under warranty for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Other warranty limits are available and if in effect, the alternate warranty timeframe will be noted on your receipt. If no warranty limit is noted, the warranty is our standard 5 years, 50,000 miles. Repairs will be performed at the warrantor's shop (ALLSTAR) at no charge to the original purchaser within the limits of the warranty provided at time of repair.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty covers parts, labor and the cost of replacing transmission fluid only. It does not cover such things as towing, loss of use, loss of earnings, personal damages, per diem expenses, or any other consequential or incidental damages. ALLSTAR Transmissions obligations under the terms of this warranty are to replace or repair defective parts and / or defectively furnished labor only. Customer understands that the work performed can fail, due to no fault of the warrantor. Parts related to, but not part of the transmission, can fail after the job is completed and have an adverse affect on the repaired transmission. Under these circumstances, your warranty is not valid, and the warrantor will not be held liable for these unpredicted events. The warrantor is responsible only for the parts replaced on the original invoice. The warrantor is not responsible for damage resulting from parts external of the transmission such as, but not limited to a) controls, b) linkage, c) radiators, d) external coolers, e) mounts, f) oil lines, g) electrical / electronic components external to the transmission. Any of these items, as well as others, can lead to damage of the repaired unit. These items are not normally included in a transmission repair job.

This warranty will not be valid if:

The vehicle is used for towing and is not properly equipped, nor will it be valid if worked on by a repair shop other than ALLSTAR,or if the transmission has been improperly installed by other than the warrantor shop,or if factory approved fluid has not been used,or if the transmission is abused or is damaged by an accident.

Proper Maintenance– Instructions to the Customer

We recommend you have the transmission checked within 15 days by ALLSTAR for oil level, leaks and proper shifting. This will be done at the ALLSTAR at no charge. We further suggest you check the fluid level each time you check the engine oil for the first 60 days. Report any fluid loss to ALLSTAR. Change fluid, clean pan, and replace filter as per the manufacturer's instructions listed in the vehicle's owners manual. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Retain your receipts and invoices as proof of proper maintenance.

How to Obtain Service

Your vehicle must come back to ALLSTAR whenever possible for covered warranty work to be completed. This must be done at your expense; ALLSTAR is not responsible for towing, shipping, or any other expenses incurred in transporting your vehicle to our shop. If you experience a problem and you are out of town (more than 100 miles away), call ALLSTAR at 1-800-900-7336 and follow the instructions given to you by the owner or shop manager to avoid incurring repair charges that will not be reimbursed to you.


ALLSTAR Transmission provides this limited warranty in good faith that you, the customer, will properly operate and not abuse your vehicle or your newly repaired transmission. If any abuse is noted, or other damage beyond what is considered in the industry as normal, subsequent work to repair your transmission again will not be covered under the warranty. When the warranty is not valid due to circumstances beyond normal use, or due to abuse, a work-out arrangement may be made to you by the owner or shop manager to offset some of the costs to repair the transmission again. In some cases, labor charges will be done complimentary, however all parts to repair the transmission again will be charged to you if abuse or misuse is noted during the period of time the warranty is in effect.

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