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Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Rear Differential Service and Repair for West Seattle Vehicles

Rear-Differential-West-Seattle-WA We have a team of experts who are capable of diagnosing rear differential noise, and if your vehicle’s rear or front differential is failing.

Symptoms of differential wear or failure that may require differential repair include:

  • Clunking during acceleration or shifting between drive and reverse
  • A humming noise on acceleration
  • An unusual banging or clanking noise on corners

If you hear these noises and other irregularities while driving, it is prime time for visiting our repair shop to diagnose a problem that may be leading to differential repair.

We have a staff of technicians, ASE certified mechanics and on-site specialist who is able to discern rear and front differential problems, and can recommend appropriate repairs that will get you back on the road again.

Are you unsure if it’s time for differential service? Call us to schedule a free estimate of your vehicle in the West Seattle area.

Front Differential Repair for West Seattle Cars

Front-Differential-West-Seattle-WA It has been said that your differential fluid breaks down as you drive harder.

It is time to consider having your front or rear differential fluid checked if you:

  • Drive your vehicle in severe conditions
  • Frequently tow a boat, trailer, 4 wheel all terrain vehicle or similar heavy load
  • Subject your vehicle to rough or off-road conditions

To prolong the life of your front and rear differential, our ASE certified mechanics recommend regular differential repair service that includes replacement of the differential fluid.

Not all mechanics have the skills and expertise required for differential repair service. Our team of highly-skilled mechanics is competent in assessing both rear and front differential symptoms and prescribing appropriate repair service.

Call us today to set up a maintenance schedule, or stop by for a free estimate for differential service at our repair shop serving the West Seattle area.

Why Choose Us for Differential Repair in West Seattle?

Differential-Repair-West-Seattle-WA It is crucial to place your vehicle into the hands of highly-qualified mechanics when you are experiencing front and rear differential problems.

We are proud of our reputation built over time since mid-1990 with a staff of technicians, ASE certified mechanics and an on-site specialist highly qualified in diagnosing rear and front differential symptoms.

This is what you can expect from our premium-quality differential repair services:

  • Integrity and prompt service
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Customer service excellence
  • A high level of competency in all aspects of differential services

Our objective is to extend the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. As experts in diagnosing different issues such as a rear differential fluid leak, a front differential noise, or damaged or weakened differential gears, we are able to provide those performance results.

Call us to establish a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s differentials in the West Seattle area. Or if you prefer, bring your vehicle in to Allstar Transmission for a free estimate. 206-686-2883

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